"Ri-Ri isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring
Queen B’s gone back to the drawing
Lorde smells blood yeah she’s about to slay you
Kid ain’t one to fuck with when shes only on her debut
We’re all watching Gaga lol and haha
Dying for the art so really she’s a martyr
Second best will never cut it for the divas
Give me that crown bitch 
I wanna be Sheezus…”


all day i pluck their petals
but i have not yet ascertained
whether you love me

or not

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally: 


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










don’t ever say ‘ill get back to you’ and then don’t because i will be waiting for that phone call on my death bed


"The Untold Renaissance": Ikire Jones Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.

It’s all dapper hommes, suave strides and bold prints and patterns in Nigerian designer Wale Oyejide’s Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook for his brand Ikire Jones.

“This collection pays homage to 18th century textiles and tapestries while exploring the absence of persons of color in Medieval and Renaissance-era European art.  Borrowing from the sampling method employed in hip hop culture, each reinvented piece tells an original narrative from the perspective of Africans who have been placed in an alien context.  Through this reverse lens to the past, the present circumstances of individuals who feel displaced and alienated may also be considered.”

Leighton Meester - “Life Partners” Premiere (2014 Tribeca Film Festival)

Leighton Meester - “Life Partners” Premiere (2014 Tribeca Film Festival)

Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2011 Details

Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2011 Details

Anonymous: Why does Chris Evans always grab his left boob when he laughs?


Hello, anon, and thank you for the question.

This topic has been studied by by researchers for years. There are three prevailing theories that I will relay to you now.

1. It keeps him on the ground.


You may notice in the gif above that Chris’ leg starts to rise as he laughs, possibly a precursor to his entire body undergoing a sort of lift off due to his joy. Chris then employs his upper body strength to force himself to obey the laws of gravity.

2. To check on his physique.


As you may be aware, anon, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a superhero body. Chris is concerned that in the time he has spent sitting down, sans working out or eating, he has lost muscle mass. Understandably, he feels the need to make sure that he is still a specimen.

3. Object permanence.


Object permanence is a term applied to the understanding that an object still exists even when you cannot see it. Chris closes his eyes when he laughs, making him unable to see that he has not disappeared. By grabbing his left boob, Chris knows that he has not somehow ceased to exist.

I hope this helps.

i was one point between ravenclaw and hufflepuff and the badgers won. i don’t know how to feel about this

❀ about me ❀ 


name: aleksa

birthday: 2nd of february

zodiac: aquarian

single or taken: single.

height: 6’1

eye color: blue to green. 

middle name: stefan

favorite color: blue

lucky number: 17


hogwarts house: hufflepuff/ravenclaw

favorite fictional character: omg this is so hard. natasha romanoff

favorite television show: !!!! probably community

favorite season: winter

describe yourself in a few words: weird, ambitious and lazy.

future children’s names: i got this shit down.
g: marnie and poppy
b: theodore and oliver

meaning of your name: defender of man

ultimate otp: lol do you want a book?

what do you plan to/do for a living: business consultancy or diplomacy

starbucks order: soy cap +1 sugar


introvert or extrovert: introvert.

dawn or dusk: dusk

righty or lefty: left. 

coffee or tea: tea

rain or shine: rain.

reading or writing: reading